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Backend Engineer

Key Responsibilities

You will design and build high-availability cloud-scale data pipelines, 
Act as a bar raiser by setting high standards for architecting, monitoring, testing, and enhancing the cloud environment.  

Work with great software engineers, data scientists, and domain experts with the mission to deliver useful, insightful data to our clients


  • 3+ years experience as a data-driven backend engineer building data pipelines (ETLs).

  • Extensive experience in Cloud infrastructure (AWS/GCP/Azure)

  • Experience with serverless architecture and frameworks.

  • 3+ years of Python experience.

  • Vast experience in different Database technologies, SQL, NoSql, Key Value, etc.


  • Background in a Data-driven company - a big plus

  • 2+ years of JS experience

  • Previous experience as a Service-owner End-to-End development from ideation to production including testing and monitoring

  • System Architecture (Design) Experience

  • Familiarity with Auto-Scaling (Latency - Throughput - Reproducibility - Monitoring)

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